The Company Game version 1.5

The Company Game
  • Kategorie: Games, Games, Puzzle, Adventure,
  • Name: The Company Game
  • Version: 1.5
  • Dateigröße: 240.56 MB
  • Datum veröffentlicht: 2018-09-06T07:00:00Z
  • Entwickler: gary gogis
  • Wertung: 4+
  • Preis: $1.99
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Mehr Informationen über The Company Game version 1.5

The Company is evil and must be least that is the information you have received from your informant. Do you think you have what it takes to unlock, decipher, and unravel The Company files? You will need to rely on logic, skill and a bit of luck to get through these mind bending mental (and physical) challenges. As the story unfolds, the mystery of what you are really doing deepens. Will you be able to find the truth?

Each carefully crafted level is unique - no two puzzles are the same - giving you hours of brand new experiences throughout the game. You may even have to think outside the app!

From the escape room fanatic to the person who loves a good mystery, The Company Game is for you!

Includes AR - Augmented Reality puzzles!
Unlock helpful tools and hints - like a Morse Code translator!
Push your phone to the limits of what you thought you would need to do to pass a level.
Location Services and Camera Access are needed to solve some puzzles!

Some quotes:

"It’s like if Blackbox, The Guides, and Device 6 had a baby. And the baby was delivered by a 14-year-old doctor."

"I don't remember a game that has made me mad and frustrated...then smile all within the same level."

"I think my favorite thing so far is the variety of the puzzles. They're all drastically different which keeps it exciting."

"Now, they're saying you've been secretly sent to stump the world with impossible puzzles. If it's got them this upset, I can't wait to play-although I'm a little nervous."


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